Tri Color Corgi

Tri color corgis in your future? Here at Cook Arena Corgis, we LOVE a tri color corgi! But what do you know about them?

Tri Color Corgi

Tri Color Corgis are born with black heads, but most later turn into red heads! You can tell if your tri color corgi is going to start turning red pretty early on by the brown or red tinge in the ears or around them. A true black headed tri is less common as the red gene is dominant in most cases.

Is a tri color corgi more rare than a red/white corgi?

No…. although most people recognize a red one more quickly than a tri color corgi due to the Queen of England’s love of red/white corgis. Tri color corgi’s can be seen at all of the dog shows, and we have about a fifty / fifty split of tri color corgis and red based corgis here at Cook Arena Corgis.

Where can I buy a tri color corgi?

We would be happy to help you find your next tri color corgi baby! Just send us an email to or call Heidi at 678-492-0440 and we would happy to answer any questions! Even if we don’t have a litter or one coming up, we probably have a friend or two that could get you a tri color corgi of your own!